Day of the RFIDs

In April, organized DAY OF THE RFIDS – an awareness-raising event about radio frequency ID tags, focusing on the RFID tags in UC Berkeley student ID cards. also sold RFID-signal-blocking wallets, passport-holders and card sleeves to raise money for the Summer Fellowship.


The BOINC team(s)

Distributed Computing projects can put your computer’s idle time to more productive use furthering scientific research that may lead to discoveries in protein folding or all manner of other scientific geekery. You can even search for aliens. and its members have put their computers to work on several such projects, which are enabled by an open source distributed computing platform developed here at Berkeley, called the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). Learn how to join the BOINC team(s) and put your computers to work too.



Free Software CD 2.0

The first week of Fall 2004 classes was finished off with’s Free As In Beer Free Software CD Giveaway. After 1Ls came out of their Friday LRW classes, they were greeted in Darling courtyard with’s Free Software CD 2.0 which is chock full of great free software for both Macintosh OS X users as well as Windows users. While we tried to get your attention with the free beer, we also used the opportunity to explain that the ‘free’ in ‘free software’ really refers to freedom, not a lack of cost. (Though it turns out the CDs were gratis as well.) The ‘free’ refers to freedom because all the software on our Free Software CD is licensed under Free Software Foundation-approved licenses which give you the rights to run, copy, modify and distribute the software yourself. (Read individual licenses for all the details.) So, if you want to make a copy of the Free Software CD 2.0 for a friend, then go for it! That’s the whole point!

The Free Software CD Project

In order to improve the computing life of Boalt students, organized, produced, and distributed 100 copies of Version 1.0 (Pre-Socratic) of the Free Software CD. This CD is a collection of Free software for Mac OS X and Windows. Although the CDs were given away to students and staff, some individuals decided that they wanted to give something back to and decided to donate to our summer fellowship fund. Be on the lookout for new versions of the Free Software CD in future years!

The First Anual Spelling Bee

In the spring of 2004, planned and organized a wildly successful event to raise money for its Public Interest Summer Fellowship. More than 20 teams and individuals competed in the two-round competition. With awards for Best Spelling, Most Creative Spelling, Best Group Name, and Best Attitude (among others), the Spelling Bee was a blast. Sounds of Boalt feature artist Freeda Yllana also treated the crowd to a live reading of “1L”, the spoken word piece she performed for the Sounds of Boalt CD.

Photographs of the Spelling Bee are available here.

The Sounds of Boalt CD

In conjunction with the Creative Law Society, produced a compilation of music and spoken word written and performed by present and past Boalt students. Each track was licensed under a Creative Commons License or donated to the public domain. The compact discs (details available on The Sounds of Boalt CD homepage) were sold to raise money for The Public Interest Summer Fellowship. In fact, demand was so great that the first printing of the CDs sold out and a second run was made. There are still some copies left which can be ordered at

The lighter side of makes itself heard at This project is an effort to create a resource showcasing the talent of some of’s most dedicated members. KSnake (also known as KSnakeRace) is a program which is part of the KDE Games suite. It can be played in Linux, MacOS, or even Windows (through emulation). Visit for a glimpse into’s inner sanctum or drop by the office, Room 156, and play a round or two.